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Gardenia Home Health Care, LLC

administrator   897 South Hamilton Rd
Whitehall, Ohio 43213
administrator   Phone: (614) 235-8888
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About Us

Our family has experienced firsthand what it means to care for a loved one and the stressful process of finding the right caregiver. When it comes to home health care, we at Gardenia Home Health Care know how important it is to ensure that you or your loved ones receive the best care.

When one of our own loved one was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, we understood firsthand that she deserved compassion and care to assist her in adjusting to her new lifestyle. We insisted on not compromising the level of comfort and attention that was necessary for her well-being. With the same compassion and care, we hope to care for you or your loved ones.

We give you personalized care from one family to another.

Mission Statement
Gardenia Home Health Care strives to develop the best professional staff to partner with community health leaders in order to provide comprehensive, quality, client-focused care in a safe, cost-effective and compassionate manner, regardless of race, age, gender, religious and cultural beliefs, practices or disabilities.

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